Hi, I'm Tom, often known as Othko or coldtom online. I am a software developer at Codethink. I have an interest in software integration tooling, in particular BuildStream and other Remote Execution API stuff like BuildBarn. I also have a penchant for actually using said tooling to integrate software, for example in freedesktop-sdk or LibreML. This is an attempt at a website, but I am far from a web designer.

I like Maths, Programming (rust, python), Books and Hiking. I also like learning languages - the regular kind - and left wing politics. This site will be essentially a blog of whatever is on my mind enough to get written about in a post, but don't expect regular updates.

I have some vague intentions to also host some kind of notes on maths from my degree here / do a series of blog posts explaining mathematical concepts, if I ever build up the energy to write things up.

Any opinions expressed here are my own, and I wouldn't wish anybody else to be blamed for them.